Unconventional Marriage Advice I Gave My Teenage Son


A letter to my teenage son to tuck away for the future…because sometimes the daily things go unnoticed.


“Resurrection” on StoryHouston.com

“Annuals were too fake for your taste. They had an artificial quality-a burst of flamboyance and then gone forever. Their blossoms were a little too scripted. But their alternative-the perennial-tested all of what was supposed to be substantive and eternal.


Does Oversharing Violate Your Marriage and Your Kids?

This is not a new conversation, but it’s timely. Please consider the value of allowing time to pass before you share anything family-related online.

“Mulling is a very good thing; at the very least it keeps me honest about my own culpability in a personal family anecdote I’m considering sharing.”

“Waiting helps provide cover for my marriage and children.”

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