We walked half of Scotland’s West Highland Way to fulfill an old hiking dream


Years ago, when our kids were in preschool, my husband and I had what seemed like a crazy pipe dream: Once a year, we would take a multiday hike as a couple. 

Read in full at The Washington Post.


3 thoughts on “We walked half of Scotland’s West Highland Way to fulfill an old hiking dream

  1. Great West Highland Way story, never been but I could image it as you described. By the way who was the “ I that who I think that was” on the trail? Look forward to more of your stories.


  2. Kathryn,
    Read you article in the Post with high interest as I’m planning a long walk in the UK, perhaps in 2022. You mentioned that you equipped yourself well at REI. What did your equipment list look like? Did you need everything? Were there items you wished you’d had but didn’t?
    Would love to hear or see more of your travels.
    With thanks,
    Herb Bresler
    Bexley, Ohio

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    1. Hello Herb – Thanks so much for reading my article and commenting. It was such a memorable trip and I hope that your upcoming UK hiking adventures work out. I’m actually hoping to write about packing 101 for beginners – core necessities based on my experience. For starters though, you’ll want a backpack that really fits your back (I got Gregory per advice from REI), water-resistant pants (I bought Prana, they happened to be on sale at REI) 2 layers of jackets (one for warmth and one shell for waterproofing, both with hoods). My husband bought La Sportiva hiking boots just before he left and loved them (light weight and immediately comfortable). Hope this is a bit helpful.


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