But Is It Safe? Abandoning Helicopter Parenting So Kids Can Grow Up

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.28.47 PMWhat good are we doing when we dive in and rescue our kids? There comes a time when we need to let go, the most difficult parenting task of all. Sorry for the bad news. Time to stop crying and let go.

“I’m a safety mom. For starters, speed is not my middle name. During a past ski trip, the fact that I consistently arrived back at the chairlift last underscored this reality. My concern about staying safe informed my behavior. I checked my speed while descending the mountain.

Though cautionary words were on the tip of my tongue, I didn’t prohibit my teens from their downhill flight. I didn’t want to harden their resolve.

A person who thrives is being who they were meant to be. That’s exactly what my goal is for my kids, and probably yours touches on this theme in some way, too. We want our kids to mature into independent young adults who can make wise choices.”

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Does Oversharing Violate Your Marriage and Your Kids?

This is not a new conversation, but it’s timely. Please consider the value of allowing time to pass before you share anything family-related online.

“Mulling is a very good thing; at the very least it keeps me honest about my own culpability in a personal family anecdote I’m considering sharing.”

“Waiting helps provide cover for my marriage and children.”

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What Toilet-Training My Son Taught Me About Myself

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I knew raising a boy would be much different than raising our first-born daughter, but the travails of toilet-training really brought me to my knees. In the end, my inability to cope as a 40-year-old with the normal bathroom messes of a 6-year-old boy signaled that I was the real child in the room.

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