To attend our daughter’s wedding, we spent 14-days quarantined in Scotland

C2511FD0-6D96-419C-B0DD-7E36293BE8D8_1_201_a“When the United Kingdom announced a strict 14-day quarantine requirement for international travelers, it was understandably an enormous disincentive to anyone thinking of crossing the pond — unless they were mission-driven, desperate or crazy. We — my husband, 19-year-old son and I — fell solidly into that camp.”

Read in full on The Washington Post Travel.


7 thoughts on “To attend our daughter’s wedding, we spent 14-days quarantined in Scotland

  1. Quite an experience! My wife and I lived in Glasgow for 4 years (marrying after graduation) as I went university there. We lived in flat very much like yours, including the back gardens and lowering rack for washing.
    One memory that stands out was on sundays, out the back, some unseen piper would practice for several hours, the haunting music bouncing around the tenements.
    Thanks for the story!


  2. Your article reeks of privilege. It isn’t unthinkable to not attend your child’s wedding – it’s an unfortunate reality that many people face given the cost. And that was before the pandemic. The fact that you were able to spend 14 days in another country quarantined is a privilege. Regardless of whether or not you had to pay for the lodging. Especially given that the majority of workers in the US have less then that in vacation time in any given year. You could have at least acknowledged that.


  3. I enjoyed your story but was disappointed not to see a photo of the three of you out of quarantine and/or the wedding.


  4. Lovely article. Thank you! Love Edinburgh – we were married in Greyfriars – a beautiful city – my wife grew up there. You describe the device for drying clothes – it’s known as a Dutch Airer, not sure why, but we had one, very useful as UK houses tend to be significantly smaller than here in the US. Glad you had a good trip to Auld Reekie.


  5. Thank you for writing about your experience! I am debating do the same to see our daughter who attends St. Andrews (she was able to stay in the dorm when the campus moved to online study) and is living/working in Edinburgh this summer. We miss her! Your article helped me think through how I might do it (via Airbnb).
    Thank you!!!


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